Selected Illustrations for ESPN the Magazine

Some of the pieces I have been doing for ESPN over the last few years, I really love how the images always integrate with typeface and layout. For other longer, bigger individual projects and features I have developed for the magazine, check each separate project.
Also for the online-exclusive material illustrated for ESPN, check the separate section.

Heard at NFL Combine
Art Directed by Munehito Sawada
Southern Exposure
Art Director Munehito Sawada
Alternative rough sketches and ideas:
Open in the Corner
Art Director Chris Delisle
Road to Atlanta
Art Director Munehito Sawada
Hiding in Plain Sight
Art Director Christopher Delisle
Alternative ideas and sketches:
College Football Preview
Cover option. Art Director Munehito Sawada.
Alternative ideas and sketches:
Kentucky Derby Confidential
Art Directed by Chris Delisle and Chin Wang
ESPN Confidential Spot Illustrations
Art Director Munehito Sawada
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